STATEMENT: PATHF requests IHF to respect our organization’s right to a proper defense from the intention to dismantle us

The Pan-American Team Handball Federation files its second appeal and continues its fight against the division attempted by IHF

The Pan-American Team Handball Federation (PATHF) requests the International Handball Federation (IHF) to respect our organization’s right to a proper defense from the intention to dismantle us, and to immediately suspend the unprecedented violation to the integrity of our sport and Olympic values.

The PATHF has filed an appeal with the IHF Arbitration Tribunal on 6 March to show the illegality of the process through which Hassan Moustafa seeks to split us into two geographic groups. The appeal details the irregularities and vices committed by IHF, completely opposed to the good governance promoted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

IHF has to stop encouraging our division while PATHF, whose 26 member federations have voted in a majority against the split, exercises its right to a proper defense with the internal and external bodies.

Any action against that collides with this universally acknowledged right and brings forth old practices that are intolerable in modern society.

In the appeal, PATHF has shown that the IHF Congress in which a vote was “manufactured” to pass our dismantling violated internal rules, as the splitting motion did not obtain the two-thirds of votes present required. The appeal also stated that representatives from Pan-America were not allowed to speak to exercise a proper defense.

PATHF requests from the IHF Arbitration Tribunal to render a decision no later than 14 days after receiving the appeal. Failing to do so will be regarded as a violation against due process.

We have also requested the Tribunal to abstain from following the IHF Arbitration Commission’s guide, as the Commission has rejected PATHF’s previous appeal without detailing proper justifications or providing a deep analysis of our arguments.

Handball is now passing a historical moment. The unprecedented assault against PATHF shows an obscurantist administration in IHF that even jeopardizes handball’s status as an Olympic sport. Worldwide public opinion demands now more than ever that sports federations raise the banners of integrity and transparency.

PATHF is decided to fight in all the necessary steps to make that a reality in IHF.

Pan-American Team Handball Federation

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