IHF’s lack of support forces the cancelation of the Beach Handball Senior Championship in USA

We regret to inform that the PanAm Beach Handball Senior Men and Women Championship in Oceanside, California (USA) will not, to this date, be carried out, as the Host Member (the USA Handball Federation – USATH) has not been able to cover the expenses the event represents for not having the help promised by the International Handball Federation (IHF) for its organization and execution.

This surprised us greatly, as we were informed by IHF in a letter dated 17 January 2018 that, based on Articles and 18.1.1 of IHF Statutes, IHF would organize qualification events in Pan-America, an activity that the Pan-American Handball Federation (PATHF) is not allowed to perform due to the suspension exercised by IHF. But afterwards USATH was informed that IHF would limit its participation to observe.


“[…] During the suspension period […] The IHF will organise its own qualifications for the said IHF competitions […]”.

Article 18.1.1

18.1.1 The IHF is the original owner of all the rights emanating from competitions (World Championships and Olympic Handball Tournaments including all relevant qualifications, World Cup, Intercontinental Cup, Super Globe, beach handball competitions) and other events (Congresses, symposia, courses) coming under its respective authority, without any restrictions as to content, time, place and law”.

The apathy and lack of planning from IHF when taking its decision to suspend and divide PATHF brings negative consequences such as this that, far from benefiting Pan-America and specially USA -one of the countries for which IHF justified the decision to divide the continent- causes them great prejudice.

There is a clear lack of knowledge from IHF regarding the situation in Pan-America, where competitions are jointly organized by the Host Member, PATHF and National Federations. Even so, in spite of completely disagreeing with the suspension decided by the IHF Council, PATHF is willing to comply with it, exclusively in the sports aspect, in order to avoid negative effects on its Members. But we cannot remain idle before this kind of situation. Despite not being able to take part in the sports aspect, we are willing to aid our Members in the administrative and financial aspects, in order to save the event, within our possibilities.

Bear in mind that this involves not only the cancellation of the event itself, but also costs incurred in by its participants: tickets (average USD 1200 per person), US visas (USD 170 per person), bookings, among others. Additionally, the host has informed us in writing that sponsorships have been lost due to the irregular situation in which IHF has placed us all. Thus, IHF would have to undertake the duty to reimburse Members for costs incurred in, as PATHF has been put away from the organization of the event according to what was informed in your letter dated last 17 January.

Therefore, we urge IHF to comply with Articles and 18.1.1 of its own IHF Statutes, and to provide an immediate solution to Members in Pan-America to save the event in the best way possible.

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